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    8 FADE
    WELCOME BACK! Dear God, thank you for our students.
    As they begin this school year, help them to use the talents and gifts you've given them to do their very best.
    May they listen to their teachers with respect and open minds.
    Help them to be honest and always seek the truth.
    Help them to be kind to everyone at school, and to serve others as they would like to be served.
    Help them to make good friends and to be a good friend to someone in need.
    Lastly, help them to remember that You are always with them,
    And You will never leave their side.
    May they love You and follow You with all their hearts, souls, and strength.
    In Jesus' name we pray,
    Have a wonderful and faith-filled school year!
    God bless you all!

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    School Year

    "Our Journey Forward with CHRIST"